Membership Benefits

The true benefits of being a 32° Freemason are difficult to quantify. Our members express that their ties to the Valley of Bloomington make a real difference in their lives. Whether it is an enhanced sense of trust and respect for our community, stronger fraternal bonds, or dedication to assisting others, our members are more connected to their brothers. Some of our favorite Valley events illustrate how our members experience greater fellowship and friendship through our Valley:

When attending our reunions, members enjoy viewing or participating in degrees. Participation might include being a cast member, assisting with stage crew or supporting reunion roles such as make up artists, new member orientation coordinators, or registration greeters.

Members have access to our Scottish Rite Recreation Area . In addition to members’ general access, there are a number of scheduled events at the campground, including campouts, potlucks, parties and, of course, the Lodge of Perfection hosts our annual family picnic at the campground which is always a membership favorite.

Members can socialize at our annual Valentines Dinner where we host and recognize our significant others for the support that they provide to us and our Valley throughout the year.

Members volunteer to provide for the greater good in our community by working at the local food bank, ringing bells to raise money for the Salvation Army, or engaging in other worthwhile endeavors.

Members can attend numerous other social events such as our famous Pie Night at the Busy Corner Restaurant, Past-Presiding Officer Steak Fry, or Dinner at the Bayern Stube.

Members enjoy attending our monthly stated-meetings where we conduct the business of our Valley, but always manage to have fun during the proceedings as we have our birthday auctions to raise money for charities and enjoy refreshments at the conclusion of business.

In addition to a busy calendar of events, our degree work, which may be presented live or through professionally produced videos, provides our members with continuous Masonic education. The Valley also strives to provide Masonic education through individual programs and presentations at area lodges, as well as co-sponsoring events with local lodges and other Masonic bodies.

Our Valley seeks to strengthen the fraternal bonds among our members. Our Rite Connection calling program is one such example of our efforts. The goal of the Rite Connection is to contact each of our members at least once a year by phone to wish them well, update them on Valley events, and to see if they are in need of any assistance from the Valley.

While there are many other tangible and intangible benefits to being a member in the Valley of Bloomington, you can be sure that your membership will never be taken for granted. We are continuously working to update and enhance our membership benefits. If you are not yet a member, Contact us us today about joining our Valley ! If you are already a member, and you have any ideas or feedback to share with us, please Contact us the Valley office.