The Consistory Degrees portray memorable lessons that range in settings from the days of Chivalry through the 20th Century. The Dispensation for Bloomington Consistory was granted on August 5, 1912 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on September 18, 1913.

Commander-in-Chief – John Dorner, 33°

1st Lieutenant Commander – Tom Grogg, M.S.A.

2nd Lieutenant Commander – Robert J. Struthers

Treasurer – Michael R. Fowler, 33°

Secretary – Barry D. Weer, 33°

Trustee – Randy Wilson, MSA

Trustee – Tim Longfellow

Executive Secretary Emeritus – David E. Young, 33°

19° Grand Pontiff – Proclaims the spiritual unity of all who believe in God and cherish the hope of immortality, no matter what religious leader they follow or what creed they profess. It is concerned primarily with the perennial conflict between light and darkness, good and evil, God and Satan.

20° Master ad Vitam – A degree is a depicting the American spirit confronting the challenge of disloyalty and treason. Masonic principles and leadership are subjected to a crucial test.

21° Patriarch Noachite – Teaches that justice is one of the chief supports of our fraternity.

22° Prince of Libanus – Teaches that there is dignity in labor. A man should be allowed to earn his sustenance by work.

23° Knight of Valor – This degree demonstrates teaches that with faith in God and love for your fellow man will make great sacrifices to help others.

24° Brother of the Forest – This degree teaches that a belief in a Supreme Power binds all men together in a worldwide brotherhood.

25° Master of Achievement – This degree teaches that strife in every individual’s can result in a breakdown of discipline and loss of faith. This degree is a call to faith in ourselves, each other, and especially in God.

26° Friend and Brother Eternal – This degree teaches the quality of mercy whereby we are taught to overlook injuries and to treat our enemies better than they deserve.

27° Knight of Jerusalem – This degree teaches that Freemasonry believes in the concept of a free church in a free state.

28° Knight of the Sun – This degree uses the symbolism of the tools and of architecture to teach that by building a high moral character will advance mankind’s desire to achieve unity and good will throughout the world.

29° Knight of St. Andrew – This degree exemplifies the Masonic teachings of equality and toleration. We are reminded that no one man has a monopoly on truth.

30° Grand Inspector – This degree describes the tests and ceremonies that symbolize the experiences we must undergo in the building of excellence in character.

31° Knight Aspirant – This degree teaches a man who would judge others must first judge himself.

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret – This degree teaches that duty often requires sacrifice –- the ultimate sacrifice.

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