Black Cap

The Black Cap Program is for all new and existing Scottish Rite members for participating and engaging in our Valley activities who do not already have an MSA or 33rd designation. There are 3 planks of activities that need to be completed in the following 3 categorize: Reunion Participation, Valley Social, and Valley Business. Once a member has completed all 3 planks, they will be eligible to receive a Black Cap as a gift from the Valley of Bloomington. How do you complete the planks?!? Members need to earn enough points to complete each plank simply by showing up and participating in Valley activities. It’s that simple! Members can wear their Black Caps to all Valley Business functions, Illinois Council of Deliberation and all Reunions in all valleys and jurisdictions.

Qualification: The Black Cap Program is open to all 32nd Degree Sublime Princes in the Valley of Bloomington who have not received the MSA or 33rd designation.

Cap Presentation: All Caps earned will be presented at the Fall Reunion Awards Banquet.

Planks: There are 3 planks that need to be completed in order to achieve your Black Cap

  • Reunion Participation (10 points to complete)

  • Valley Social Events (4 points to complete)

  • Valley Business (6 points to complete)

Each plank, has a number of points that are required to complete. Points will be tracked on the individual's Black Cap Program Card that will be presented upon request or with their newly issued Degree Passport. The Black Cap passport contains a list of events that are common but it is by no means a comprehensive list. Should you attend an event that is not listed, please check in with program director Tim Longfellow to get clarification on the number of points and what plank the activities points qualify under.

Timeframe: Participants will need to complete their Black Cap passport within a 2-year timeframe. Earned points have a 2-year expiration date from the date they were earned.

Black Cap Planks