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Zerubbabel Council, Princes of Jerusalem

The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry are sometimes referred to as the historical degrees and constitute an allegorical narrative presenting the story of a captive people who "wept beside the rivers of Babylon." When liberated they were consecrated to the task of building the second temple or rather of rebuilding the original temple of Solomon. The entire pageantry and symbolism of Freemasonry revolves around the construction of the four temples of Jahweh, by a brotherhood dedicated to the erection of a perfect edifice at Jerusalem and later to building a temple in the hearts of men. Contrasted with the hauteur of imperious monarchs is humility of the little group of those born to bondage pleading for the redress of an ancient wrong. The lessons in the fifteenth and Sixteenth Degrees are from these elements of the historical drama which transpired during the reigns of the Great Kings, Cyrus and Darius. The Dispensation for Zerubbabel Council Princes of Jerusalem was granted on July 19, 1909 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on September 22, 1910.


Sovereign Prince - Gerald R. Gooding

High Priest - Mark A. Keagle

Senior Warden - Lance Lowery

Treasurer - Barry D. Weer, 33°

Secretary - Robert D. Erwin


15° Knight of the East or Sword. This degree teaches the important lessons of loyalty to conviction and devotion to right.

16° Prince of Jerusalem. This degree teaches loyalty to truth and fidelity to duty.

Past Presiding Officers

1909-1912 Austin H. Scorin, 33° 1977-1978 Danny H. Raber, M.S.A.
1912-1914 Walter H. Trimmer 1978-1979 Ivan E. Scott, M.S.A.
1914-1916 Henry Stansbery, 33° 1979-1980 R. Wesley Rafferty
1916-1918 William B. Leach 1980-1981 Robert C. Barnard, M.S.A., 33°
1918-1920 Fred W. Baumann 1981 John C. Clower
1920-1922 Frank R. Berg, 33° 1981-1982 William H. Munts
1922-1923 Arthur J. Graves, 33° 1982-1983 James O. Sharp, M.S.A.
1923-1938 Delmar D. Darrah, 33° 1983-1984 Wilbur Kumler
1938-1940 Frank C. Fisher, 33° 1984-1985 Harold E. Hall, M.S.A.
1940-1942 George H. Johnson 1985-1985 Charles H. Casperson, M.S.A.
1942-1944 Aaron Brooks, 33° 1985-1986 W. H. "Bud" Buescher
1944-1946 Wesley Hoforty, M.S.A. 1986-1987 James H. Gordon, M.S.A.
1946-1948 William Diebold, 33° 1987-1988 Irvin L. Bane
1948-1950 Clyde F. Kensinger, 33° 1988-1989 Andy H. Reining, 33°
1950-1952 Forrest W. Watt, 33° 1989-1990 Ron Blue, 33°
1952-1954 Leo A. Haas, 33° 1990-1991 D. Dareyl Brown, M.S.A.
1954-1956 James R. DePew, 33° 1991-1992 Kenneth M. Aucutt. M.S.A.
1956-1958 Kenneth H. Berglund, 33° 1992-1993 Michael R. Fowler, 33°
1958-1960 A. W. Siebenaler, 33° 1993-1994 Roger F. Aukerman, M.S.A.
1960-1962 Harry M. Frank, 33° 1995-1996 Dennis D. Garrigus
1962-1963 D. A. Bremer, M.S.A. 1996-1997 Stephen L. Sigler
1963-1964 John W. Brown, M.S.A. 1997-1998 Gordon L. Ropp
1964-1965 Donald W. Efford, 33° 1998-1999 Robert G. Leggett, Jr., M.S.A.
1965-1966 Harold F. Gullett, 33° 1999-2000 Edward H. Barnes
1966-1967 Stanley C. Cole 2000-2001 James M. Beveridge
1967-1968 O. V. Lancaster, 33° 2001-2002 F. Sherwood Smith
1968-1969 Orville E. Haning, Jr., 33° 2002-2003 Richard M. Erickson, M.S.A.
1969 Robert C. Price 2003-2004 Donald G. Anderson, M.S.A.
1969-1970 R. Samuel Kennedy, M.S.A. 2004-2005 Kenneth R. Pfeifer
1970-1971 Loren F. Bogart, M.S.A. 2005-2006 Richard C. Miller, Jr.
1971-1972 C. Lee Rhodes, M.S.A. 2006-2007 Michael J. Bergelin
1972-1973 Osborne Garnsey, M.S.A. 2007-2008 John R. Barringer
1973-1974 Ronald F. Lowery, M.S.A., 33° 2008-2009 J. Eric Barringer
1974-1975 George F. Lewis, M.S.A. 2009-2010 Jerald H. Starks
1975-1976 Donald C. Lott, 33° 2010-2011 Bernard M. North
1976-1977 Leslie H. Philpott, M. 2011-2013
Larry E. Raglan
Michael W. Hiter

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