Officers & Committees


Here you will find the many men who volunteer of their time talents and means to support our Fraternity. While the men here are deserving of recognition, there are MANY more who are not on this list who serve the valley in less conspicuous ways.




Lodge Officers

Bloomington Lodge of Perfection

In the Lodge of Perfection, the Mason consecrates himself to Masonic endeavor — character building. He is taught to venerate the virtues of the dead and emulate those of the living; to respect the rights of others, to strive to render service to his fellow man, to refrain from assuming prerogatives and powers that are not his, to be not over-zealous in a good cause, to reverence the Deity, avoiding disrespect, and to control his tongue by maintaining in his mind purity of thought. He is taught Perfection is but one of the fundamentals of character. The other two are Self-respect and Integrity. These lessons learned and applied to life are absolutely essential to a complete character structure. The Lodge of Perfection confers the 4° through the 14° These degrees are commonly called the Ineffable Degrees. Many references, scenes, and characters recall and amplify the three Symbolic (Blue) Lodge Degrees. The Dispensation for Bloomington Lodge of Perfection was granted on December 19, 1907 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on December 17, 1908.


Thrice Potent Master – Jesse J. Slater
Deputy Master – Timothy A. Longfellow
Senior Warden – Alvin R. Abbott Jr.
Treasurer – Michael R. Fowler, 33°
Secretary – Barry D. Weer, 33°

4° Master Traveler. The Fourth Degree emphasizes duty, fidelity, integrity, and the necessity for secrecy in all confidential relationships.

5° Perfect Master. This degree teaches that impure thoughts and selfish, unworthy ambitions are corrupting and destructive, and that a man who forgets his duty to family, country, and God will be morally and spiritually destroyed.

6° Master of the Brazen Serpent. This degree teaches that devotion to one’s friends and zealousness in performing one’s duties are rewarding virtues.

7° Provost and Judge. This degree teaches us to judge righteously, without respect to person, and that one law and one custom shall apply to all. Let justice be impartial, tempered with deserved mercy.

8° Intendant of the Building This degree teaches that each new honor is meant to be a step toward perfection in the moral code; each a development of a particular duty; and that benevolence and charity are necessary virtues of leadership.

9° Master of the Temple. This degree reminds us that through the ages man has searched for God in many ways, and worshiped Him in many tongues, but that Universal Worship is found in service to our fellow man.

10° Master Elect of Fifteen. This degree teaches that a violator of his obligations and commitments will not go unpunished and, further, that excuses, rationalizations, and other evidences of lack of repentance, will very likely increase the severity of the penalties.

11° Sublime Master Elected. This degree dwells on good citizenship. Evil doings should be punished. Honesty and respect for others should be rewarded. Be earnest, honest and sincere.

12° Master of Mercy. This degree teaches that the Mason, as he learns to use the tools and instruments of his trade and skill, also learns to contemplate the many aspects of life and deal with them as a child of God, steadily advancing to those heights of experience that we call perfection.

13° Master of the Ninth Arch. This degree teaches that difficulties and dangers, however great, should not deter the true and faithful brother from progressing onward to perfection. It teaches the great truth that the finest things in life come only as the result of constant and often painful effort.

14° Grand Elect Mason. In the Scottish Rite, this degree is the summit of Ancient Craft Masonry. As the crowning degree of the Lodge of Perfection, its essence is the holiness of God and reverence for His Holy Name.

Past Presiding Officers
1908-1909 • Delmar D. Darrah, 33° 1974-1975 • Alvin DeWitt, M.S.A.
1909-1911 William R. Bach, 33° 1975-1976 • Fred Blievernicht
1911-1913 Harry L. Howell, 33° 1976 • V. Dean Stelle
1913-1915 Nimrod Mace, 33° 1976-1977 • William Semonchik
1915-1917 • Howard H. Frank, 33° 1977-1978 • Robert E. Holdridge, 33°
1917-1919 • Clarence M. White 1978-1979 • Robert E. Jones, M.S.A.
1919-1920 • Albert M. Murray, 33° 1979-1980 Robert H. Wright, 33°
1920-1922 • Frank R. Berg, 33° 1980-1981 • Albert E. Geske, M.S.A.
1922-1924 • J. Huber Allen, 33° 1981-1982 Forrest L. DeVore, M.S.A.
1924-1926 • Lathaddius M. Crosthwait, 33° 1982-1983 David E. Young, 33°
1926-1928 • Frank C. Fisher, 33° 1983-1984 Δ Arlo M. Ford
1928-1930 • Harry Stransbery, 33° 1984-1985 Gregory L. Clark, 33°
1930-1932 • Earl R. Depew 1985-1986 Δ Douglas E. Williams, 33°
1932-1934 • Lee J. Karr 1986-1987 Robin L. Carr, 33°
1934-1936 • Alfred O. Brown, 33° 1987-1988 Alan J. Leicht, M.S.A.
1936-1938 • Charles E. Dagenhart, 33° 1988-1989 Richard D. Barclay, 33°
1938-1940 • George W. Lane, 33° 1989-1990 M. Merle Murray, M.S.A.
1940-1942 • Lou K. Anthony 1990-1991 C. Walden Crouch, 33°
1942-1944 • Eary L. Skillman, 33° 1991-1992 Lawrence H. Brandt
1944-1946 • Walter J. Colton, 33° 1992-1993 Danny J. Leifel, 33°
1946-1948 • S. Clyde Hibbens, 33° 1993-1994 Ross A. Funk, M.S.A.
1948-1950 • Arlo E. Bane, 33° 1994-1995 Paul E. Clark, MSA
1950-1952 • James H. Parsons, 33° 1995-1996 William H. Stork
1952-1954 • Clyde E. Kensinger, 33° 1996-1997 Perry W. Foltz
1954-1956 • Warren E. Atkins, M.S.A. 1997-1998 Stanley P. Boyd, 33°
1956-1958 • A. M. Jackson, M.S.A. 1998-1999 Steven C. Nicholson, 33°
1958-1960 • T. E. Jacobus, M.S.A 1999-2000 Billy M. Burden, 33°
1960-1962 • O. Lloyd Welsh, 33° 2000-2001 Jim L. Grimm, 33°
1962-1964 • Lloyd K. Curtis, 33° 2001-2002 Gerald L. Lott
1964-1965 • Edward R. Ahlenius, 33° 2002-2003 Russell A. McCulley, M.S.A.
1965-1966 • Harold L Coffman, M.S.A. 2003 Eric C. Anders
1966-1967 • Carl E. Rhoads, M.S.A. 2003-2004 Jim L. Grimm, 33°
1967-1968 • David A. Patterson, M.S.A. 2004-2005 Oren D. Pomeroy, III
1968-1969 • Edward Dirks, 33° 2005-2006 Steven L. Barr
1969-1970 • Carlin W. Strayer 2006-2007 Jay A. Keeran
1970-1971 • Robert E. L. Clark, 33° 2007-2008 K. Randall Wilson
1971-1972 • H. Lynn Cofman 2008-2009 Theron F. Noth
1972-1973 • Edward L. Pointer, 33° 2009-2010 John D. Dorner, 33°
1973-1974 • Arthur M. Alexander 2010-2011 Adam E. Young
2011-2013 Jeffery J. Fox
2013-2015 Patrick E. Schlehuber, M.S.A.
2015-2017 Dorian S. James

• Deceased   Δ Demitted



Council Officers

Zerubbabel Council, Princes of Jerusalem

The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Degrees of Scottish Rite Masonry are sometimes referred to as the historical degrees and constitute an allegorical narrative presenting the story of a captive people who “wept beside the rivers of Babylon.” When liberated they were consecrated to the task of building the second temple or rather of rebuilding the original temple of Solomon. The entire pageantry and symbolism of Freemasonry revolves around the construction of the four temples of Jahweh, by a brotherhood dedicated to the erection of a perfect edifice at Jerusalem and later to building a temple in the hearts of men. Contrasted with the hauteur of imperious monarchs is humility of the little group of those born to bondage pleading for the redress of an ancient wrong. The lessons in the fifteenth and Sixteenth Degrees are from these elements of the historical drama which transpired during the reigns of the Great Kings, Cyrus and Darius. The Dispensation for Zerubbabel Council Princes of Jerusalem was granted on July 19, 1909 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on September 22, 1910.


Sovereign Prince – Mark A. Keagle
High Priest – Lance Lowery
Senior Warden – Christopher B. Golf
Treasurer – Michael R. Fowler, 33°
Secretary – Barry D. Weer, 33°

15° Knight of the East or Sword. This degree teaches the important lessons of loyalty to conviction and devotion to right.

16° Prince of Jerusalem. This degree teaches loyalty to truth and fidelity to duty.

Past Presiding Officers
1909-1912 Austin H. Scorin, 33° 1977-1978 Danny H. Raber, M.S.A.
1912-1914 Walter H. Trimmer 1978-1979 Ivan E. Scott, M.S.A.
1914-1916 Henry Stansbery, 33° 1979-1980 R. Wesley Rafferty
1916-1918 William B. Leach 1980-1981 Robert C. Barnard, M.S.A., 33°
1918-1920 Fred W. Baumann 1981 John C. Clower
1920-1922 Frank R. Berg, 33° 1981-1982 William H. Munts
1922-1923 Arthur J. Graves, 33° 1982-1983 James O. Sharp, M.S.A.
1923-1938 Delmar D. Darrah, 33° 1983-1984 Wilbur Kumler
1938-1940 Frank C. Fisher, 33° 1984-1985 Harold E. Hall, M.S.A.
1940-1942 George H. Johnson 1985-1985 Charles H. Casperson, M.S.A.
1942-1944 Aaron Brooks, 33° 1985-1986 W. H. “Bud” Buescher
1944-1946 Wesley Hoforty, M.S.A. 1986-1987 James H. Gordon, M.S.A.
1946-1948 William Diebold, 33° 1987-1988 Irvin L. Bane
1948-1950 Clyde F. Kensinger, 33° 1988-1989 Andy H. Reining, 33°
1950-1952 Forrest W. Watt, 33° 1989-1990 Ronald K. Blue, 33°
1952-1954 Leo A. Haas, 33° 1990-1991 D. Dareyl Brown, M.S.A.
1954-1956 James R. DePew, 33° 1991-1992 Δ Kenneth M. Aucutt. M.S.A.
1956-1958 Kenneth H. Berglund, 33° 1992-1993 Michael R. Fowler, 33°
1958-1960 A. W. Siebenaler, 33° 1993-1994 Roger F. Aukerman, M.S.A., 33°
1960-1962 Harry M. Frank, 33° 1995-1996 Dennis D. Garrigus, M.S.A.
1962-1963 D. A. Bremer, M.S.A. 1996-1997 Stephen L. Sigler
1963-1964 John W. Brown, M.S.A. 1997-1998 Gordon L. Ropp, M.S.A.
1964-1965 Donald W. Efford, 33° 1998-1999 Robert G. Leggett, Jr., M.S.A.
1965-1966 Harold F. Gullett, 33° 1999-2000 Edward H. Barnes
1966-1967 Stanley C. Cole 2000-2001 James M. Beveridge
1967-1968 O. V. Lancaster, 33° 2001-2002 F. Sherwood Smith
1968-1969 Orville E. Haning, Jr., 33° 2002-2003 Richard M. Erickson, M.S.A.
1969 Robert C. Price 2003-2004 Donald G. Anderson, M.S.A.
1969-1970 R. Samuel Kennedy, M.S.A. 2004-2005 Kenneth R. Pfeifer, 33°
1970-1971 Loren F. Bogart, M.S.A. 2005-2006 Richard C. Miller, Jr.
1971-1972 C. Lee Rhodes, M.S.A. 2006-2007 * Michael J. Bergelin
1972-1973 Osborne Garnsey, M.S.A. 2007-2008 John R. Barringer
1973-1974 Ronald F. Lowery, M.S.A., 33° 2008-2009 J. Eric Barringer
1974-1975 George F. Lewis, M.S.A. 2009-2010 Jerald H. Starks, 33°
1975-1976 Donald C. Lott, 33° 2010-2011 Bernard M. North, 33°
1976-1977 Leslie H. Philpott, M.S.A. 2011-2013 Larry E. Raglan
2013-2015 Michael W. Hiter
2015-2017 Gerald R. Gooding

• Deceased   Δ Demitted   *Suspended




Chapter Officers

Mt. Calvary Chapter of Rose Croix

The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Degrees, known as the Philosophical and Doctrinal Degrees of the Scottish Rite, are conferred in a Chapter of Rose Croix. They open a new development of Masonic teaching and are a distinct departure and advance from the symbolism and teaching of the Symbolic Lodge and of the preceding Scottish Rite Degrees. These deal with the first Temple and its supporting columns, and the attempt to restore and maintain the old worship in a second temple reared upon the ruins of the first. Neither endured. The Rose Croix degrees are the spiritual center and among the most important in the whole body of Freemasonry, emphasizing a new law that the only lasting Temple is in the soul of man. The Dispensation for Mt. Calvary Chapter of Rose Croix was granted on July 19, 1909 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on September 22, 1910.


Most Wise Master – Michael W. Tutter
Senior Warden – Stuart H. Palmer
Junior Warden –
Treasurer – Michael R. Fowler, 33°
Secretary – Barry D. Weer, 33°

17° Knight of the East and West. Teaches that loyalty to God is man’s primary allegiance, and the temporal governments not founded upon God and His righteousness will inevitably fall.

18° Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M. The lessons taught in this degree are that man must have a new Temple in his heart where God is worshipped in spirit and in truth and that he must have a new law of love which all men everywhere may understand and practice.

Past Presiding Officers
1909-1912 Delmar D. Darrah, 33° 1973-1974 Clarence C. Young, M.S.A.
1912-1914 Harry M. Palmer, 33° 1974-1975 Rudy Nagle, M.S.A.
1914-1916 Ruben G. Bright, 33° 1975-1976 Kenneth W. Smith, M.S.A., 33°
1916-1918 William N. Ewing, 33° 1976-1977 Earnest G. Vittitoe, M.S.A.
1918-1920 John W. Probasco, 33° 1977-1978 Edward J. Weatherly, M.S.A.
1920-1922 Pearl C. Somerville, 33° 1978-1979 W. Aitken Riddle, 33°
1922-1924 Lester H. Martin, 33° 1979-1980 Robert L. Artman
1924-1926 Arthur J. Graves, 33° 1980-1981 Norman L. Meade, 33°
1926-1928 George H. Johnson 1981-1982 Barry D. Weer, 33°
1928-1929 Lathaddius M. Crosthwait, 33° 1982-1983 John E. Fry, M.S.A.
1929-1930 Earl R. DePew 1983-1984 Δ Michael S. Weer, 33°
1930-1932 Alfred W. Joerndt, 33° 1984-1985 Walter H. Brown, 33°
1932-1934 Henry Stansbery, 33° 1985-1986 Donald E. Mayol, M.S.A.
1934-1936 John H. Coupe 1986-1987 * Michael Schertz
1936-1938 William Diebold, 33° 1987-1988 Prosper O. Tournear
1938-1940 Louis Lenway Williams, 33° 1988-1989 Larry E. LaBounty, 33°
1940-1942 William Shelper 1989-1990 Thomas R. Grubb, 33°
1942-1944 Walter J. Colton, 33° 1990-1991 Forrest L. Appleton
1944-1946 Forrest W. Watt, 33° 1919-1992 L. Jerry McNemee
1946-1948 George W. Morrow, 33° 1992-1993 Douglas A. Wilson
1948-1950 F. Joseph McElroy, 33° 1993-1994 George F. Perkins, 33°
1950-1952 Harold Walters, 33° 1994-1995 Robert T. Trefzger, 33°
1952-1954 Frank D. Hartenstein, 33° 1995-1996 Edmund C. Fetzer, M.S.A.
1954-1956 Carl A. Marquardt, 33° 1996-1997 D. Jean Darnall
1956-1958 Floyd O. Robison, 33° 1997-1998 Stanley W. Lancaster
1958-1960 Ralph E. Browns, 33° 1998-1999 Tommy R. Kiper
1960-1961 Phillip E. Brooks 1999-2000 Richard L. Carman
1961-1963 R. Russell Foster, 33° 2000-2001 * Marvin Hayes
1963-1964 William M. Buckler, 33° 2001-2002 Joseph A. Ward
1964-1965 Eugene C. Stuck, 33° 2002-2003 * Warren D. Darnell
1965-1966 George M. Hoel, M.S.A. 2003-2004 Alvin E. House, M.S.A.
1966-1967 Gordon B. White, 33° 2004-2005 Barry G. Carney, M.S.A.
1967-1968 Richard M. Wallin, 33° 2005-2006 Bill E. Tanner, M.S.A.
1968-1969 John D. Trefzger, 33° 2006-2007 * Charles H. Ross, Jr.
1969-1970 John W. Heafer, 33° 2007-2008 Dale F. Arbour, M.S.A.
1970-1971 Viggo J. Frost, M.S.A. 2008-2009 Paul J. Dillow
1971-1972 Percy R. Blankestyn, 33° 2009-2010 Jeffrey S. Ready II
1972-1973 Herman G. Salch, M.S.A. 2010-2011 Andrew S. Bender, 33°
2011-2013 Daniel S. Yandel
2013-2015 Thomas W. Grogg
2016-2017 Eddie C. Lane

• Deceased   Δ Demitted   *Suspended




Consistory Officers

Bloomington Consistory

The Consistory Degrees portray memorable lessons that range in settings from the days of Chivalry through the 20th Century. The Dispensation for Bloomington Consistory was granted on August 5, 1912 and the Charter was received from the Supreme Council, A.A.S.R., N.M.J. on September 18, 1913.


Commander-in-Chief – Larry Raglan
1st Lieutenant Commander – Dan Yandel Jr.
2nd Lieutenant Commander – Patrick E. Schlehuber
Treasurer – Michael R. Fowler, 33°
Secretary – Barry D. Weer, 33°
Trustee – Richard M. Erickson, MSA
Trustee – Roger Aukerman, MSA, 33°
Executive Secretary Emeritus – David E. Young, 33°
Director of Work -Dennis Garrigus, M.S.A.

19° Grand Pontiff – Proclaims the spiritual unity of all who believe in God and cherish the hope of immortality, no matter what religious leader they follow or what creed they profess. It is concerned primarily with the perennial conflict between light and darkness, good and evil, God and Satan.

20° Master ad Vitam – A degree is a depicting the American spirit confronting the challenge of disloyalty and treason. Masonic principles and leadership are subjected to a crucial test.

21° Patriarch Noachite – Teaches that justice is one of the chief supports of our fraternity.

22° Prince of Libanus – Teaches that there is dignity in labor. A man should be allowed to earn his sustenance by work.

23° Knight of Valor – This degree demonstrates teaches that with faith in God and love for your fellow man will make great sacrifices to help others.

24° Brother of the Forest – This degree teaches that a belief in a Supreme Power binds all men together in a worldwide brotherhood.

25° Master of Achievement – This degree teaches that strife in every individual’s can result in a breakdown of discipline and loss of faith. This degree is a call to faith in ourselves, each other, and especially in God.

26° Friend and Brother Eternal – This degree teaches the quality of mercy whereby we are taught to overlook injuries and to treat our enemies better than they deserve.

27° Knight of Jerusalem – This degree teaches that Freemasonry believes in the concept of a free church in a free state.

28° Knight of the Sun – This degree uses the symbolism of the tools and of architecture to teach that by building a high moral character will advance mankind’s desire to achieve unity and good will throughout the world.

29° Knight of St. Andrew – This degree exemplifies the Masonic teachings of equality and toleration. We are reminded that no one man has a monopoly on truth.

30° Grand Inspector – This degree describes the tests and ceremonies that symbolize the experiences we must undergo in the building of excellence in character.

31° Knight Aspirant – This degree teaches a man who would judge others must first judge himself.

32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret – This degree teaches that duty often requires sacrifice –- the ultimate sacrifice.

Past Presiding Officers
1912-1915 Delmer D. Darrah, 33°  
1915-1916 William R. Bach, 33° 1969-1971 James R. DePew, 33°
1916-1919 Harrt L. Howell, 33° 1971-1973 Louis D. Williams, 33°
1919-1922 John W. Birney, 33° 1973-1975 Royal J. Bartrum, 33°
1922-1925 Hal M. Stone, 33° 1975-1977 D. Hodge Fuller, 33°
1925-1928 Robert F. Empson, 33° 1977-1979 Harry E. Riddle,33°
1928-1931 John W. Probasco, 33° 1979-1981 Winfred L. McElroy,33°
1931-1934 Frank C. Fisher, 33° 1981-1983 Fred Dolan, 33°
1934-1937 Nimrod Mace, 33° 1983-1985 Harry Frank, 33°
1937-1939 Lester H. Martin, 33° 1985-1987 Robert E. L. Clark, 33°
1939-1943 Louis Lenway Williams, 33° 1987-1989 Robert Wright, 33°
1943-1946 Charles E. Dagenhart, 33° 1989-1991 Don Lott, 33°
1946-1949 Aaron Brooks, 33° 1991-1993 Norman R. Madison, 33°
1949-1950 Edgar L. Skillman, 33° 1993-1995 Gregory L.  Clark, 33°
1950-1952 Walter J. Colton, 33° 1995-1997 Robin L. Carr, 33°
1952-1955 Fletcher B. Coleman, 33° 1997-1999 Andy H. Reining, 33°
1955-1958 George W. Morrow, 33° 1999-2001 Danny J. Leifel, 33°
1958-1961 R. Joseph McElroy, 33° 2001-2003 Δ Michael S. Weer, 33°
1961-1963 Frank D. Hartenstein, 33° 2003-2005 Michael R. Fowler, 33°
1963-1965 Harold D. Walters, 33° 2005-2007 Ronald K. Blue, 33°
1965-1967 Arlo E. Bane, 33° 2007-2009 Barry D. Weer, 33°
1967-1969 S. Clyde Hibbens, 33° 2009-2011 Billy M. Burden, 33°
2011-2013 Robert T. Trefzger, 33°
2013-2015 Roger F. Aukermam, M.S.A., 33°
2015-2017 Andrew S. Bender, 33°

• Deceased   Δ Demitted




Administrative Committees
Audit Winford L. McElroy, 33°
Finance Barry D. Weer, 33°
Website Patrick Schlehuber
Barry Carney, M.S.A.
Legal Andrew S. Bender, 33°
Danny J. Leifel, 33°
Planning Dan Yandel, Jr.
Properties C. Walden Crouch, 33°
Scottish Rite Rec Area Barry G. Carney, M.S.A.
Permanent Fund Andrew S. Bender, 33°
Fraternal Committees
Community Concerns Andrew S. Bender, 33°
Larry Raglan
Newsletter Editor Dorian S. James
Scholarships Roger Aukerman, M.S.A., 33o
Membership Alvin R. Abbott Jr.
Reunion & Ritualistic Committees
Director of Work Dennis D. Garrigus, M.S.A.
Stage Crew Kevin Clower, M.S.A.
Wardrobe Michael Tutter
Mike Hiter