O.E. Hanning, Jr. Fellowship Award

Awarded to a member of the Valley by unanimous vote of the Presiding Officers who exemplifies the qualities of friendship and caring, characteristics of O.E. Haning Jr.  Only one such award may be given in any fiscal year. This award may be made to any member of the Valley. 

Past Recipients



2004 James H. Gordon, MSA 2010 Gordon L. Ropp, MSA
2005 Edwin B. Smiley, MSA 2011 Larry E. “Lars” LaBounty, 33°
2006 Kenneth R. Pfeifer, 33° 2013 Danny Leifel, 33°
2007 Jerald H. Starks, 33° 2014 Winford McElroy, 33°
2008 Michael R. Fowler, 33° 2015 C. Walden Crouch, 33°
2009 Robert H. Wright, 33° 2016 Paul Clark, MSA
2017 Robert T. Trefzger, 33°