Membership Development

Awarded to a member of the Valley who demonstrates exceptional support of the Rite through membership development. A member receives ten points for each time he is a first line signer on a petition and five points for each time he is a  second recommender on a petition.  The Valley will present the following awards at the referenced accumulation of points:  

  • 100 Bloomington Medal
  • 200 First Gold Star
  • 300 Second Gold Star
  • 400 Third Gold Star
  • 600 First ruby
  • 800 Second Ruby
  • 1,000 Diamond
Past Recipients
1985 Forrest L. Appleton 1995 Daryl N. Holt
Orville E. Haning, Jr. 1997 Billy M. Burden
Ralph Mintun Stephen C. Nicholson
1987 Ronald K. Blue 1999 C. Walden Crouch
William Roseboom Antone J. Hiedman
1988 Allen G. Spencer 2000 Michael R. Fowler
1992 Norman R. Madison 2007 Danny J. Leifel
1993 Elmer E. Gardner John D. Dorner
1994 Donald E. Mayol 2014 Carl V. Smicker
David E. Young